Goe Auto Sales Christmas Charity Event (2012)
July 13, 2013

Our second Charity Event was even better then the first. Our sales were up and down all year in 2012 and it did not seem as if we were going to have the funds to do this event at all. After hearing a sermon at church about faith and trusting in our God we decided to move forward with the event. God lead us to the McDonalds in Union City, GA where one of the managers worked with us to make it happen. Over 700 individuals were given breakfast this morning. 500 hats and gloves were given out as well. It was truly amazing watching GOD work it all out after not even know how it would all get done. Thank you to McDonalds, our GOEAUTO staff, and the many volunteers that helped make this event a huge success. Click the gallery to see what a little Jesus can do for you when you trust in him.

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